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A grassroots approach to asset management for the local area

Team Approach Property Services Ltd. manages properties with unmatched levels of customer service and attention. The face-to-face approach begins at the meet-and-greet social, continues through regular site visits and social events, and at the annual general meeting. We ignore the traditional approach. We excel in face-to-face communication and on-site presence. Regular visits allow us to manage proactively. Being on location regularly creates an asset management schedule allowing us to get out in front of minor items needing attention, which we believe is the best approach to property management. We know our clients and our clients know us. We are a team!

Nurture a sense of place

Vibrant, safe, attractive, and inviting

Providing services that nurture a sense of place creates vibrant, safe, attractive, and inviting properties. Our collective years in the development, construction, and property management industries provides us with a plethora of trusted professionals who provide exceptional service and quality products necessary in asset management. Meeting with residents on-site, and at various education events, and social gatherings offered by Team Approach Property Services Ltd. further develops a strong relationship. We are your partners!

Establishing solid lines of communication is only achieved through personal contact and rapport with our clients. We believe that good property management is fundamentally about responsiveness to our clients. We are focused on providing a high level of value-added service that builds lasting relationships with our clients, our service providers and local business professionals. We are ready to work hard and have fun taking care of business!

Our Specialties

What makes Team Approach Property Services Ltd. different from the other property management companies?

Not only do we provide a complete list of services, we also provide many additional benefits included in the management package.

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